My Review of WindPro Stove

I had a remote canister stove (Camping Gaz) for years but lost a key part. This stove is just the ticket! I love extended high-alpine trekking and want a stove that is stable and can be protected from wind with a windscreen and heat reflector (comes with the stove), which rules out all the integrated canister stoves; I don’t want to mess with white gas. The design of the pot support holds a wide range of pot sizes stably. The only downside is that it is larger and bulkier than the Pocket Rocket (weighs 6.8 oz without the canister, while the Pocket Rocket weighs 4.2), but the Pocket Rocket is also too small on top to hold many mid-size pots stably on an uneven surface filled with water, and can’t accommodate a windscreen/heat reflector which in my opinion is essential for fuel efficiency in high-country backpacking.  (how often do you cook on the trail when the wind isn’t blowing?)

By the way, no need to bother with paying the extra for the ‘inverted canister’ version.  The canister on this stove can flip easily if needed to get the last of the fuel out of the can…just needs to be held up with a couple of rocks or leaned against something.  For high elevation and cold weather use, I would advise keeping the canister in your sleeping bag with you at night to keep it warm for startup in the morning.

Friend Dick Lambe calculated that it takes 0.4 oz of canister fuel per person per day, based on a Jetboil heating 2C of water twice a day.  He thinks that the Windpro may use more fuel for the same oz of water but we don’t have stats on that.  I wonder if it’s less efficient given that it has a windscreen and reflector base and the Jetboil does not?  Anyway, dDon’t forget to puncture and recycle your used canisters – JetBoil has a ‘Crunchit’ tool that does the trick nicely.

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WindPro ideal for my extended backpacks!

By Happy Tramper from Issaquah, Washington on 6/12/2012
5out of 5

Pros: Powerful, Easy to Light, Stable, Fuel efficient, Compact, Lightweight, Great temperature control

Best Uses: Backpacking, Foul weather conditions

Describe Yourself: Avid Adventurer

What Is Your Gear Style: Minimalist

Was this a gift?: No



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