A mid-June progress report on the Talbert garden!

Though June’s weather has been typically drippy and cool, with the help of remay and lots of positive thinking the Talbert garden is progressing very nicely!  I thought that all of you who followed my early posts (“A Hopeful Time”) might like to see how the various crops are coming along.

Greens and broccoli always do wonderfully here, and this year is no exception.   We have been picking for a month.  Now the turnip and mustard greens are really booming.

Kale and broccoli with onions flourishing behind

Potato plants, 24 inches tall now

Potatoes are growing very fast now, and some have flower buds.







The best story for the 2012 garden so far (knock on wood!) is the beans…we sowed and immediately covered with remay, and emergence and uniformity of early vigor is fantastic.

Winter and summer squash are coming along nicely…

Corn and tomatoes have lagged a bit in this cool June but are starting to come along – some tomatoes with flower buds now.

Corn – 2-3″ tall now










We’re off to North Carolina for a family reunion for a week – another photo progress report when we get back!


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